Sunday, February 15, 2015

WildWorks Partners with Toy Company - Plushies?

Jambo Jamaasians!

WildWorks, the company that runs Animal Jam, recently inked a deal with Commonwealth Toy & Novelty, an accredited toy company that was founded in 1934.
Commonwealth Logo
Commonwealth has worked with many iconic brands that you may have heard of such as...

 Angry Birds, Android, ASPCA and The Simpsons. Based on their products, they mostly deal with making and distributing plush toys.
ASPCA Plush ToysJumbo Simpsons Plush Toys
This could only mean one thing, in-game plushies will soon be available as real plushies. It's a plushie collector's dream! And since Commonwealth distributes toys to over 75 countries, it seems like the perfect company to partner up with to bring in new Animal Jam players.
Commonwealth World Distribution Map
This reminds me of Animal Jam Sidekix toys. Remember? Little balls that would unzip into your favorite animals.
Animal Jam Sidekix
Each one came with a single-use code that unlocked an in-game item of the toy.
Epic Wolf Plushie
Here's a short video explaining the phenomenon:
They became sought after for a while, since they left AJ Outfitters.
In-game Sidekix
But you can still purchase all 6 of them at their brand site:
Sidekix Product Lines
Which sidekix is your favorite?

Do you think the amount of Animal Jam merchandise is good enough, based on what they're currently offering? What about toy collectors? Do you think there should be animal figurines available to purchase? I await your input in the comments below!

Have fun, be safe, and game on!

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