Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clark Stacey - AJHQ Profiles

Jambo Jamaasians!

It's a lot of hard work to make Jamaa THE place to be to play as your favorite animal, hang out with your buddies, decorate your den and more. Animal Jam is made by WildWorks, in partnership with National Geographic. The CEO of WildWorks is Clark Stacey.
CEO means chief executive officer. In other words, he's the boss of the company and makes the final decisions. But little did you know, Mr. Stacey didn't start off that way.

Mr. Stacey was originally going to pursue a career in academia, 
but turned to game development because of his passion for technology, storytelling, and...explosions? He's the Michael Bay of game development for sure, but better. Mr. Stacey soon began working with Beyond Games, where he contributed to many successful games such as Ultra Vortek, Redline, Motor Mayhem and Hot Wheels Velocity X.

In 2003, Along with Kris Johnson and Jeff Amis, Mr. Stacey started WildWorks, with a determined attitude to create "fun with substance"(great motto).
In September 2010, with an army of animators, character designers, environment designers, illustrators, 3-D modelers, writers, game designers, and musicians and more, Animal Jam was born! *Cue the angelic singing*
So far it's been their most successful game, and Jamaa's population of over 30 million Jammers is slowly surpassing that of Club Penguin. *grins*

WildWorks has been such an amazing company, and they have reached many milestones, such as releasing two apps, Tunnel Town and AJ Jump, in 2013.
WildWorks is also developing another app, Play Wild, which is currently in its beta testing phase. I recently posted about Play Wild's due date a few days ago.

The guy even has his own Animal Jam account!
Try your luck and send him a buddy request.

Mr. Stacey, with a degree in English Literature (I wonder what his favorite book is, maybe Animal Jam: The Official Insider's Guide?) and Philosophy, graduated from the University of Utah. Hobbies he enjoys include tinkering with machinery, playing Tennis (my favorite sport!), inhabiting mountains, and writing about himself in the third person.

I must say, I am impressed with how much he and his team accomplished. My in-game fedora hat's off to you and the rest of the WildWorks team!


For more info on Mr. Clark Stacey, check out his site at clarkstacey.comFollow him on Twitter and read about how he built a franchise in children's games development.


Have fun, be safe, and game on!

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