Friday, February 20, 2015

Jamaa Population Reaches 30M Players + Play Wild Due Date

Jambo Jamaasians!

Our little game sure has grown. I started playing July 1st, 2012. Jamaa reached 1 million players in 2011.
Jamaa Township during the Animal Jam beta testing phase
2 years later in 2013 Jamaa soon grew to 10 million Jammers.
In-game newspaper explaining recent milestone of 10 Million players
There were decorations all over!
10 Million Jammers banner decorations around game rooms (lands/biomes)
And banners were given out as den items.
10 Million Jammers Banner
Also, every game was on Double Gems.
Earn double the primary currency when playing any arcade game in Jamaa
Yep, it was quite the celebration at the time.

But fast forward 2 more years after 2013 and we're now in 2015. Right now, Jamaa has extended to over 30 million players. A lot has changed over the years. Adventures finally came. Monthly Member Gifts were replaced with the Diamond Shop. And WildWorks released two apps inspired from the game, them being Tunnel Town and AJ Jump.
Tunnel Town header depicting that the game is now available to download on mobile devices
AJ Jump header depicting what the game may look like while playing on mobile devices
Recently, there has been some talk of another app in the works, Play Wild. Right now the app is in it's BETA phase, in which you can sign up for.
Play Wild BETA banner depicting the app is in its beta testing period and is accepting beta testers
The game is due in April, according to VentureBeat's article on 'ethical monetization' on a kids game, with that game being Animal Jam. It's slowly increasing and will very soon grow larger than Club Penguin. 

Also, the app won't include in-app purchases! WildWorks is going to opt to selling animal bundles. That means that instead of waiting for new animals to be released, all the animals will already be there, and you can just buy them whenever you want. And even if that animal left the game, and you already have it, you can buy it again and again and again. Pretty cool, huh?
Play Wild BETA fox bundle, including fox avatar and fact book
Each bundle will include the animal avatar and an educational fact book, just like with the kangaroos in AJ Jump and all the fact books in the Chamber of Knowledge in Jamaa. I presume it will be like the Diamond Shop, but just animals.
How Play Wild BETA won't include any in-app purchases but instead animal bundles that come along with the animal avatar and fact book.
It seems like other aspects of the app will be free. Some lands have already been made, while others have yet to appear on the world map.
World Map of Jamaa showing accessible lands/biomes in Play Wild BETA
And you can customize your animal, just like in the game.
Wolf avatar being customized with colors and items in Play Wild BETA.
I've heard some rumors that items will often leave the shops really quickly in Play Wild BETA, so if you haven't created any outfits yet, I suggest doing so while you still can. Also, there's another rumor that if a certain number of Jammers dance around the Mira Statue in Jamaa Township in the app, that the statue will dance along with the Jammers.

Also, does anyone else notice that the 3-D features and animals in the game resemble the Animal Jam Play Wild 3-D promo?
Just a little something I wondered about.

What do you think of Play Wild BETA? Does Animal Jam need an app resembling its web game or do they have enough players already? Do you think Play Wild will bring in new Animal Jam fans, or will it lose its fame like Tunnel Town and AJ Jump did? Tell in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Have fun, be safe, and game on!

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