Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Play Wild BETA - Official Website Unveiled

Jambo Jamaasians!

It's been a while since Play Wild BETA has been announced. And you can probably tell from the link above, that there's now an official website for the app.
Remembering how you can access Tunnel Town and AJ Jump based on the app's name, ".animaljam.com", I tried playwild.animaljam.com, and it worked! Isn't this exciting?

Upon entering the site, you may come across the "Help" button, which brings up the Play Wild Help Center. This is for reporting any in game problems, such as bugs and glitches.
The name has a nice ring to it. It reminds me of the Medical Center in Kimbara Outback.

There's a suggestion button where you can send in your ideas for the game and tell them if you found something wrong with it...
...and a button to request an invite to play the BETA version of the app, which is a link I included a few words before I finished this sentence.

The description of the app seems to resemble the types of activities you can do in the world of Jamaa to a certain extent.
But be warned that there are a bunch of disclaimers.
There's the usual stuff:
  • It's in BETA testing, so not everything will work properly
  • WildWorks is free to use any feedback and ideas you send them
  • They'll send you emails regularly about game updates
But then there's:
  • "The Play Wild BETA test is open to qualified applicants age 13 or older."
  • "Any accounts you create and items you earn in the Play Wild BETA will not carry over into the publicly released version of Play Wild."
The age thing I understand. In order to download the app, you'll need a mobile device. Most likely you'll have to create an account with that mobile device's app outlet, or the app used to download other apps to the mobile device, which usually requires users to be 13 anyways.

I'm in favor of the second one. This way rares won't be a (main?) problem in the app and potential players of the game may be able to create their own usernames again if it was already taken by someone in the BETA.

And then there's the...


That's pretty much all the website has to offer right now. Maybe once AJHQ officially announces the app (most likely in the Jamaa Journal), they'll either keep the website and replace the BETA header and change the info in the disclaimers, or they'll delete the site (or not, I hope) and make a new domain about the app. Only time will tell.

Until then...

Have fun, be safe, and game on!

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