Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure Review

Jambo Jamaasians!

Jamaa's newest adventure, Lucky Clovers, is all the rage nowadays. With talk of earning rare spike and wristbands, Jammers are flocking to play the Lucky Day themed quest. I decided to play the adventure myself and share my thoughts with you.


The objective of the game is simple. Find four-leaf clover keys and unlock all 50 chests with them. I like that AJHQ hasn't made this part super easy, Since most everything in the adventure is green, it takes some good eyesight to spot all 50 keys. I had to get up-claws and paw-sonal to see if a little paw would pop up, indicating whether I could pick the key up or not.


I think the graphics are very stunning. The waterfall makes the area feel calm and secure, while the steam makes it all the more relaxing to be there, all while combining into a mysterious, Celtic feel.
The swirly stone area is also impressive. It feels like a place one would practice magic spells. The stones also look like a very fun place to play hide and seek. In real life, stones like these must be very big.
I like that AJHQ didn't leave out the small details, like the moss growing inside the worn out temple, or the bagpipes on the table next to Connor. They are definitely honoring the Lucky Day traditions.


The only controls needed are the up, down, left, and right arrow keys and a mouse or touch pad.

As told by Fiona...
This was the one part that bothered me about the adventure. There are certain areas that required 4 players to unlock.
In order to reach those areas, 4 players had to dance on 4 clovers.
This was a problem for me since sometimes, none of the other players wanted to help. A Jammer could be pleading for 3 other players to dance with them, but those Jammers still won't help. The fact that I was in an adventure with 19 other players made it sad that, even though there were more than enough players to help out, they just chose not to. I think AJHQ should revise how teamwork works in this adventure. Maybe disallow flying animals from entering these areas? It wouldn't be fair to not allow them to play since semi-aquatic animals (like seals, penguins, etc.) can play the adventure, and technically their official adventures are located underwater.


The music is very joyous and makes you want to hum along to the rhythm. I very much like that AJHQ took the time to add sound to other parts of the adventure. I love hearing the croaks of all the frogs, and the twinkling of all the fireflies.
It's very peaceful and pleasuring. Thanks, AJHQ!

Rating & Final Thoughts

I liked this adventure. I feel enthusiastic playing it. It's a warm welcome to spring in Jamaa. While some parts of the adventure could have been improved, they are made up for.

I give Lucky Clovers 3.9 paws!

What is your opinion on Lucky Clovers? What do you think AJHQ should have added, removed, or simply improved upon? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

Have fun, be safe, and game on!

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